डाक टाइम्स न्यूज समाचारपत्र खड्डा/कुशीनगर- जनपद कुशीनगर नगर पंचायत खड्डा के सुभाष चौक से पुराने बस स्टैंड तक उपजिलाधिकारी खड्डा के द्वारा जेसीबी लगाकर सड़क पर हुए अतिक्रमण को हटवाया गया। उप जिलाधिकारी खड्डा उपमा पाण्डेय 15 जून 2022 दिन बुधवार खड्डा पुलिस व राजस्व टीम के साथ बुलडोजर लेकर सुभाष चौक चौराहे की दोनों पटरियों पर हुए

अतिक्रमण को हटवाया गया। सुभाष चौक से पुराने बस स्टैंड तक अतिक्रमण हटाते हुए आगे मार्ग पर हुए अतिक्रमण को दुकानदारों को हटाने का निर्देश दिया गया। इस दौरान तहसीलदार दिनेश कुमार, अधिशासी अधिकारी नगर पंचायत खड्डा देवेश कुमार मिश्रा सहित पुलिस व राजस्व कर्मचारी मौजूद रहे। इस संबंध में उप जिलाधिकारी उपमा पाण्डेय ने बताया कि खड्डा नगर में अतिक्रमण के विरुद्ध अभियान चलाया जा रहा है। बुधवार को सुभाष चौक से पुराना बस स्टैंड तक सड़क पटरी पर हुए अतिक्रमण को हटाया गया है। आगे अतिक्रमण हटाओ महाअभियान जारी रहेगा।


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  18. This scenario could see the fifth and sixth-placed teams enter the Europa League next season and the reward for finishing seventh would be a spot in the Europa Conference League. Forwards: Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Darwin Núñez, Luis Díaz, Diogo Jota This is in addition to the two other competitions that Liverpool will be competing in during these last two months of the season. So let’s look at Liverpool’s remaining league fixtures to see how things look for the Reds. BREAKING: Premier League 2022-23 fixtures in full as Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal learn schedules Premier League football has returned and talkSPORT is at the heart of all the action once again this Christmas. Mike McGrath reports: “Manchester City are set to complain to the Premier League after Pep Guardiola was alleged to be targeted with coins thrown from the crowd at Anfield during the hot-blooded Premier League fixture against Liverpool.
    No account? Sign up! Live Soccer TV also displays a lot of useful football information, stream matches and notifies you of soccer standings as well as upcoming games and match news. There is also a chat widget on the soccer streaming site which allows users to interact with other fans from all over the world while enjoying live football streaming. Você pode ver a versão Brasileira de BeSoccer.com. Tijani Babangida (Midfieder;25 December 1973;Roda):Fast-paced winger who moved to Ajax after the Atanta’96 heroics with Nigeria and had a seven-year spell with the Dutch giants where he won the Eredivisie title once and the KNVB Cup twice. He later played for a clutches of other cubs in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and China before hanging his boots in 2004. He retired to private business and at some point worked as football agent. In 2020, he was voted as President of Professional Players Union of Nigeria.

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