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सकता है यह आजादी की गौरव यात्रा में प्रत्येक विधानसभा में दिनांक 09 अगस्त से 15 अगस्त तक पद यात्रा निकालकर कांग्रेस के बलिदानी नेताओं को याद किया जा रहा है इस दौरान प्रकाश बहादुर(पुर्व प्रवक्ता),परशुराम यादव, डॉक्टर एन.टी.खान,वाजिद अली, केशव प्रसाद गुप्ता, नन्द लाल,हरि यादव, इमामुद्दीन, महबूब अंसारी, अनिरुद्ध कुशवाहा(ब्लॉक अध्यक्ष नेबुआ-नौरंगिया),स्वामी नाथ यादव, अरूण सिंह, लालबाबू, अंजूम, अभिषेक राव, अमित कुमार राव, सहाबुद्दीन, मुबारक अली सहित सैकड़ों की संख्या में कांग्रेसी कार्यकर्ताओं ने अपनी-अपनी उपस्थिति दर्ज करा उक्त गौरव पद यात्रा को सफल बनाने में सहयोग दिया।


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  18. This is a profile preview from the PitchBook Platform. Recommended Articles For inquiries: hel(nospam)lo@8market(nospam)cap.com The CEO of Crypto.com is Kris Marszalek, a business veteran who also served as the CEO of Ensogo, a social commerce company and the founder of Beecrazy (an e-commerce company). Other members of the company’s C-suite are Rafael Melo (CFO) and Gary Or (CTO). This is heady stuff. It’s also, clearly, expensive stuff. The C.G.I. effects are top-notch, and the services of a pitchman like Matt Damon don’t come cheap. But what, exactly, is Damon pitching? A self-driving car? Erectile-dysfunction pills? “The Martian 2,” starring Matt Damon? The questions hover, ominously, through nearly all 60 seconds of the commercial’s running time. It’s only in the final shot — as Damon turns his gaze from the camera to stare out a window at what appears to be, yes, Mars — that a logo flashes onscreen and the product on offer is revealed: Crypto.com.
    However, cryptocurrencies are intrinsically volatile. Since 2011, a year after bitcoin gained monetary value, the crypto poster child has fallen victim to its own inflated prices. That year, it went from highs of $32 (about £23) to lows of $2. The scale is different in 2021, but the volatility remains, with the cryptocurrency reaching highs of $64,000 and lows of near $30,000.  External factors also influence the value of a cryptocurrency, including the words or tweets of high-profile figures like Musk. In June 2021, the billionaire drove up the value of cumrocket, an alternative coin for adult creators, by nearly 400%. But he also sparked a price dip of more than 7% in bitcoin after he suggested he was “breaking up” with the cryptocurrency.


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